Complain to the IPCC

Complain to the IPCC

Complaints to the police can be made in 3 ways, the first is direct to the Directorate for Professional Standards (DPS) for the police force involved. Second through the IPCC or third through your Member of Parliament.

The Directorate of Professional Standard is the department within the police force in question which receives your complaint and then forwards it to the local team involved. The complaint is then investigated by this tem unless it is of a serious nature. At this moment in time all police forces have been requested by the IPCC to refer complaints back to them, where they will observe the investigation.

The IPCC is a semi-independent body which records your complaint and then usually passes it onto the DPS for the police force in question. In most cases the complaint is looked into by the police force complained about themselves. The IPCC itself only investigate in serious cases. The IPCC has asked that all complaints related to Schedule 7 stops be referred back to them where they will monitor the investigation.

Our caseworkers can help you submit a strong complaint to the IPCC of your Schedule 7 experience.

Step by step guide

  1. Write a statement of what happened, including factual information such as dates, times, officer details, questions asked and officers conduct. If you contact us before this step to submit your story you will have already compiled a comprehensive statement. Remember the officers are public servents, they are accountable to the taxpayer.
  2. Go to Complaints can be made online, by post or email. You should complete the form with personal details, details of witnesses and your statement. We recommend not supplying a phone number, as best practice shows communication is best in writing.
  3. Upon submission you will receive an email from the IPCC confirming receipt of your complaint.
  4. You will then receive the same in writing and correspondence from the DPS of the police force complained about. The correspondence from the DPS will inform you if your complaint has been ‘recorded’ or not and a summary in the form of bullet points.
  5. At this point expect an ‘investigating officer’ to contact you who will take your complaint forward. The IPCC should write to you explaining that they will ‘supervise’ your complaint.

At this stage we recommend that complainants go with the ‘Local Investigation’ route of action. The officer should ask you to clarify each point of complaint with a description of what led you to complaining against that point, our caseworkers will be happy to help wording such requests.

Every year 70000 PEOPLE ARE STOPPED UNDER SCHEDULE 7 POWERS IN THE uk. The profile of the persons stopped and the questions asked point towards discrimination against people belonging to a certain faith.

It is clear that there is a wholesale misuse of the powers and that sometimes they are being used to gain intelligence on activists or campaigners who may be working contrary to how the government views things should be.

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