Complain to your local MP

Complain to your local MP

You local MP is an elected official who you can use to represent your views and concerns to official bodies. They can be contacted in various ways including email, post, telephone and in person.

To find out basic information pertaining to your local MP (inc their website) you can use the site

If you want to email your MP we recommend using as this service collects statistics on whether your MP replied to your message.

MP’s also hold ‘surgeries’ in your local area where you can meet them face to face to raise your concerns. This is a great way to build a relationship with your MP, and also to hold them to account when they are not doing what they are paid to do.

Most MP’s and your local party that they belong to will have their own websites, by searching on the site you will be able to obtain this information.

You can take forward your complaint on the discriminatory nature of Schedule 7 Stops by observing others that are stopped, or not, around you and the questions that you are asked.

The conduct of the officers can also be held to account as they need to identify themselves, tell you under what law you are being stopped and what your rights are. They also have a duty to be polite and fair-natured.

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