"Schedule 7 Stories aims to raise awareness around the experiences of muslims at UK ports."

Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 is a stop and search power widely used by the police to gather mass intelligence by profiling muslims at UK ports.

Schedule 7 – do’s and dont’s

At Cageprisoners we receive a number of calls each week complaining about the treatment that Muslims are receiving by various agencies. It is time to redress the balance by informing the public of their rights.

Stopped at a UK port?

Every year approximately 70000 people are stopped under Schedule 7 powers in the UK. The profile of the persons stopped and the questions asked point towards discrimination against people belonging to a certain faith.

Complain to the IPCC

Complaints to the police can be made in 3 ways, the first is direct to the Directorate for Professional Standards (DPS) for the police force involved. Second through the IPCC or third through your Member of Parliament.

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